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Yesterday's House Project

One of the supermarket in Bayan Lepas, Sunshine Square was having a Merdeka Sale yesterday for only one day, so we went there to get Irfan's milk supply and some other stocks. Hubby had been surveying this one rack to install in the store room, and somehow he likes the one in Sunshine compared to Giant and Tesco. Kat hardware shops tak jumpa pulak this thing.

So since they were having sale, we went to get it and he installed it immediately once we got back home. The result....

At first I thought it looked too small but once installed, it fit in nicely with our small storeroom. We got it for RM160, but my neighbour said it is a tad too pricey. I think she got them cheaper, but I'm sure it's not of the same quality.

Does any of you know the average price for the rack?


  1. i'm looking for that rack too! kat ikea sangat mahal la...

  2. farah : oh yaka...ours is quite small la 4 tingkat je. ikea more expensive becoz of the design, but i've heard and had experience with ikea furnitures, memang tak tahan lama. kalau for heavy duty purpose like this rack better cari kat tempat lain kot? maybe u can try looking at giant or elsewhere. just my 2cents lah :-D

  3. hehe,no idea la kat mana nak dapat rack macam tu..tambah la price dia kan..but i think the price is okie la..

  4. hmm...kot2la dapat price murah sikit...buleh pi juai balik yang ni kat sunshine...paihtu pi beli yang murah tu...kan baizurah kan?



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