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Attention : This ain't a food blog!

Yerp. This ain't a food blog but somehow you will come across many entries featuring our meal for the day during this fasting month. I guess it's all too common for most bloggers to blog about food and more food during Ramadhan, reason being our nafsu nafsi for food are heightened, and the mere mention of food could make people drool all day long. Agree? Another reason is that most bloggers including myself would blog hop in search for ideas on what to have for Iftar everyday, so I'd be glad to be of help, yezzer!

Anyway, earlier today I was ym-ing wit my biras and somehow our conversation was diverted to food and what shall we make for iftar tonight. She was telling me about the Roti John she made on Sunday for Iftar at our PIL, which I had to skip as I had other plan. So I thought since I had some left over fried chicken from last night, why don't I make Roti John, my version. My version of course used Gardenia bread as I still have a loaf of them, sitting like a good doggie erkkk.. bread.. on the cabinet, untouched.

I felt like eating so many things today, but was successful in limiting them to only a few dishes to avoid preparing excessive food which will end up in the dustbin, as always. Mind you, this year I'm more interested in home-cooked meals as our experience eating bought food from Pasar Ramadhan recently wasn't so pleasant, at least not for me.

The Appetizer :

Heavynya appetizer, kan? This is roti john my version. I used sandwich bread, each slice fried (without oil) with the filling in the non-stick pan, and then when it's done I slapped another plain white bread on top and put them aside. Then when it was nearing time for berbuka, I grilled them in the microwave for about 10 minutes, and wallah! I got crunchy hot roti john on the table, ready to be eaten. Hubby loved them and asked for more during sahur. Sorry lah dear, dah habis. ;-)

The Main Course :

Ayam Masak Merah

Ayam Goreng Rempah my grand aunt's recipe

Begedil - I read somewhere that in order to avoid them from breaking apart, you hafta fry the potato and avoid them from kena air even a little. So instead of boiling, I fried and pounded them until smooth.

Kerabu timun with lotsa green chilies - my family's all time fave appetizer.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for the rezeki today. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki sepanjang tahun. Ameen!

* Kopi kapal api isn't half as nice as Kopi Hang Tuah. Seriously. And I have two large packs of Kapal Api to finish before I can get Hang Tuah back in the house. Uwaaa! Who can help me finish them, hands up!


  1. tgk ayam goreng berempah yg tk menahan tuu..

  2. Nak recipe ayam rempah!!! :P Pleaseeeeeee

  3. yup..ayam goreng tu nmpk so yummeh!

  4. Nak recipe ayam rempah!!! :P Pleaseeeeeee

  5. a very healthy roti john yet so yummy looking *droooooooool...

    aiyooo ... now i cant stop thinking about wat to make for berbuka again ... n it's only 10am!!!

  6. believeme people...the ayam super not sayin this to please the blogger...but believe that has been the ayam goreng that i've been eating for the past 2 1/2 years...hmmm...

  7. hah. menarik la roti john ngko tu .. bagi la nama.. roti irfan.. selalu kalau bulan tak posa.. kitorang tak makan nasi akt rumah.. makan roti aja.. nanti aku tiro roti irfan ko nih

  8. haslinda : ;-) tak tahan kan

    apple crux :nyum nyummm

    ayu : dah letak recipe ;-)

    papakeechee : yerp healthy tapi letak mayonese takla healthy sangat haha :-D

    anon : thanks laling :-)

    zoora : haaa..try la zoora, husband aku memang suka. asyik dok sebut ja roti irfan nih haha



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