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The Merican Get-Together

Today we went for our yearly Ramadhan gathering at my aunty's. Almost everyone in the Habib Merican clan were there, except for my brothers and Yone's hubby who can't make it as they're currently not in Penang. I love our get-together's as there are always free flow of foods and beverages, and there's always some games to be played. This is the only times when we'll get to gather everyone in the clan, as most of us have our own commitments and plans during raya.

However, Irfan has a little problem when he gets into a house full of people. He'll throw tantrum and sound his siren whenever anyone try to touch him. He usually takes quite some time to warm up to everyone, if he does at all. One of the best way to make him likes you is of course to bribe him with certain food he likes, and of course toys. So kalau rumah yang ada toys senang sikit lah dia nak warm up. :-D

Anyway, for Iftar today we had briyani rice with dalca, fried chicken, beef rendang (my aunty said it was daging masak rose? but it sure looked like rendang to me) and lots of kuih muih beranika jenis. They were delicious, but I was a bit disappointed as I actually thought the menu would be our grandma's specialty, nasi ikan! Hopefully for the next Iftar the host will serve the said menu. *drool*

Later after Iftar, we had a celebration of birthdays for September babies. My cousins, Yong and Shakir were the two lucky babes, Shakir of course happy dapat tumpang potong kek secara percuma!

The birthday boy potong kek. Yong, sorry no picture of you, coz tak tutup aurat ;-)

Irfan being moody while abah having a headache. A match made in heaven.

And then later, the cousins played the dancing mat game, ala yang menari terkinja2 sambil pijak2 mat ikut rentak tu. Game ni usually can be found in most of games arcade. Myself of course didn't play coz I'm not a good sport I had to take care of my son kan, but Irfan was so excited looking at the auntys and uncles dancing and jumping around, he joined in jumping around by himself at the back.Cuteness.

It was a tiring day for me and hubby, but we had so much fun. It's another aunty's turn necx Saturday, hope we'll have just as much fun. I actually thought of inviting everyone to my house this year since I know my mum has retired from this, but I don't think I'm up to it, dengan budak kecik yang suka buat kacau ni. Next year perhaps.

Oh btw, my cousin Yong gave us all some souvenirs she got from Manila. Or was it Mexico?

This gorgeous bangle will look good worn with jeans.

Blocks in cat shapes for Irfan. He loves it, masuk kereta ja terus demand "abahh! bukak bukak bukak bukak bukakkkkkkkk!!" haha

Thanks Yong. Terima kasih daun keladi ;-p


  1. awwh get well soon abang amin and my little irfan! cantik nya bangles, and kucing tu sangat comel. bestnya makanan semua, sobs!

  2. esok cuti....buleh lena selena lenanya

  3. hihi, your hubby's face mmg terserlah kepeningannya! tapi biasalah budak2 kan, time tgh beramai tu lah yg dia nak buat perangai & dok merap kat mak pak dia. mak nak amik gambar food pun tak sempat kan? kan? (ke i sorang jer yg terkilan sbb tak dpt amik gambar food?)

    the bangles tu nampak seriously cun abih. the puzzle pun nampak fun. hope he had a blast playing with them.

  4. Waaah di sana pon ada pesta iftar dgn meriahnya... and yes.... those delicious nasi ikan!!!!!

  5. Nasib baik tak dak picture Yah -- that was the reason why I wanted to potong the kek separately..

    Your bangles came from Manila -- Ana sorang saja yg came from Mexico -- sorry na, chek kumpul2 semua sekali baru bagi..

    I'm glad he likes the Cat puzzle, sayang tak dapat tengok dia main -- al maklumla, ada sorang lagi sekenit yg ter'over' excited plak sat gi..

    Insyallah, ada rezeki dapat la lagi..hehehe..Doa-doakanla rezekiku murah selalu ;)



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