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Fridge Magnet Anyone?

I started with the artwork for our fridge this morning but had to stop because Irfan craved for my attention I had to entertain my boy. So earlier tonight while I was still in the mood, I worked as fast as I could to complete it. It's nothing grand, but rather cute I would say and it add colors to our fridge. Now all I need is more cute fridge magnet to compliment the artwork. Anybody care to give me a belated birthday present? :-p

Nah, I present to you our very own sesame street characters, stuck on the fridge!

Irfan went to the kitchen, took a look at the fridge and said "Taaannntiiiikk!". Oh, that really made my day.

*Bila lah dapat stick Irfan's artwork on the fridge door plak..*


  1. hehehhe ... tantik tantik!!!! sgt cute .... and ur fridge magnet compliments the artwork well also ... i cant wait for raya so can come over ... =P

  2. papakeechee : thanks! wanna do more, pocoyo characters, he'd be psyched! tapi macam malaaassss...hehe

  3. tomey..tomey...fridge bai kosong lg...fridge kak ct dah separuh penuh ngan fridge magnet...kat bawah2 xleh letak nnt tiba2 ilang.

  4. kak ct : haha bebudak tu ambik main eh?biasa la benda comel mesti geram tengok kan..hehehe...

    actually amin ni tak suka benda2 yang "semak". semua dia nak clear and kosong ja. dia tak suka banyak2 benda hiasan nih, so takleh la nak letak bebanyak. tapi letak gambaq ni dia tak komplen plak :-D

  5. sebab tantik!!! so dia tak complain la ... eheheh =)

  6. ni buat aku pn semangat nk menghias umh nih :D



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