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Nisfu Syaban

So apparently I'm fasting again today. At first I thought I would be weak and lemah longlai as usual, but surprisingly I woke up with a spring in my steps. I swept the house, did laundry and cleaned up the kitchen before my little darling woke up. And then, I made spaghetti and cheese for him. I can't believe that I was actually patient enough to force it into his mouth feed him without once getting mad when he spilled them on the carpet.

Hikmah Nisfu Syaban I would say. Then I did a lil bit of artwork for our fridge, thanks to my biras for the idea. However I didn't complete it as Irfan dah buat akai nak attract attention mama dia showed me his bored face, so we played ball instead - I had to bounce and run with the ball - and then he made me pushed him on the bicycle. Back and forth, back and forth. Now I'm breathless and tired and feels like I'm going to pass out anytime soon.

I need to lie down! Penaaaatttt!


  1. aik tak keje ke bai? bestnye dok hari yg anak baik..kita pun buat keje sempurna je kan..klu dpaat hehari kan bagus..btw..nice work on your house makeover..

  2. ito : takla i skang nih SAHM. ha'ah time anak baik memang seronok, tapi i nih takla pening sangat coz baru satu. you dah dua, maybe that's why pening sikit hehehe

    oh, i makeover sikit2 je, takleh lawan u. :-D



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