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Does you baby do babytalk?

Irfan didn't. Now that I think of it, he didn't babble so much too when he was a baby. Though I'm quiet satisfied with his development so far, but I do get remarks such as your baby doesn't speak much like this baby or that baby. Or other remarks that make you feel like telling the person off for saying such things about your baby. I admit my baby doesn't babble so much, he'll only speak a few words, that goes word by word to convey his heart's desire.

However, at the same time I do get lots of remarks from friends, family and strangers about my toddler's speech development too. Even his paed was amazed that at the age of 1 year 4 mos, IRfan could request his father to "PULL" that handle on the toy on the doc's desk to make the sound come out. Though I don't think that Irfan really said "pull" at that time, we just acted like oh yes doc, our son IS indeed a brilliant toddler, kan doc kan? After all, he sure can say more complicated words like put there, milk, bukak, cose (close) and others.

But from my observation, Irfan picks up words quite fast, alhamdulillah. Of course he rarely can be heard doing the gibberish cute baby talk, and I wished he'd do more of that just because I think baby talk is cute. However, since he was a baby I seldom talked gibberish to him. I saw it on TV about this one TV personality who refused to do the "cute talk" with all her child because she wanted them to be able to speak fluently once they started speaking. Alhamdulillah it worked well for her. And since I wanted Irfan to be able to speak fluently because i wanted to be free from those ear-splitting screech everytime he wanted something and I couldn't understand him, I made a decision to practice the same thing with him. Alhamdulillah, it is a decision that I never regret so far.

So to me, it doesn't matter if your child walks faster or slower than other child, or speaks more or less, don't compare them with other babies as every babies develop at their own rate. And don't be pressured by those telling you your baby is slow or too thin or overweight, as you're the mother.

And a mother always knows the best for their child.


  1. haah pernah dengar jugak org ckp kalau kite yg start ajar ckp pelat nnt anak pon ikut.

  2. farah : exactly. :-D macam irfan, some words dia ble promounce properly tapi ada la yang too hard for him dia jadi lain.. like "ketiak" he said "tikak" wakakakaka

  3. Yah -- I totally understand the feeling of frustrations when other people gave out comments sesedap 'rasa' especially bab compare-meng'ompare' ni..

    Rina had so much such incidents because Adi looks much bigger than his real age -- orang selalu cakap -- Eh, apsal anak akak ni tak reti cakap lagi ?? etc..

  4. yong : yeah, but when ppl close to u yang memang families cakap lagi la bengang kan. sabaq ja la...memang manusia macam tu kan nak buat camna.

  5. ha .. arees talk baby talk only cause he is a baby ... hehehe ... tak pe nanti aqil irfan can teach arees to pronounce a word or two kan!??!

    oh yeah he was watching me feed arees haritu so i said la ... arees drinking milk ... then he pointed at arees and said ... MILK!!! ^_^



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