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Scrubbing The House

I'm done with the living room, and one thing I can tell you, cleaning up is such hard work without a vacuum cleaner! (I left mine at my mum's yesterday, lupa nak ambik). When I was sweeping the floor just now, I felt like the task went on forever, I couldn't see the end of it. I wished for a smaller house and mind you, our house isn't even that big.

In the spriit of welcoming Ramadhan, I even made a little makeover to our living hall, I changed the carpet! Yes, the checkered carpet had been used for too long that it badly needs a good wash. Who knows where in Penang can I get a good wash for a cheap price?

Notice the ugly masking tape plastered over the cabinet door? Oh, itu adalah kerja si kenit, he broke the glass and so his father had to plaster them with masking tape to avoid any unwanted accident. @!$@#$*@#&@!#()$!@* bertuah punya budak! Does that mean we have to get a new TV cabinet for Raya?? Muahahahaha *evil laugh*

Okie, so tonight after prayers, I'll definitely have to move on with cleaning up the rest of the house, settle some laundries and if possible iron hubby's work attires as many as I could. Sigh, the list of works never end, I tell you.


  1. wah,semangat for hari raya eh??

    k.yah,mama selalu hantaq cuci carpet kat area umah k.yah ja..dekat ngan pearl hospital tuh..
    small carpet = rm12
    big carpet = rm28..

  2. hmm, bila dah jadi sahm, house work mmg tak pernah abih.

    p/s: i answer on behalf ur hubby "byk cantek nak cabinet baru? tukar cermin je lah!" hihi

    dah dpt makcik urut ke?

  3. hahahaha biasa laa ada anak kecik memang kena jaga jaga. ecehh farha cakap macam mak plak. alaa boleh laa tu ada dua little monster kat rumah.

    selamat menunaikan ibadah berpuasa =D

  4. ah ha la ... i think ur curtain is as big as mine or maybe bigger .. kekek ... cantik ur carpet btw .. suits your home ^_^

  5. intan : oh i know that place. slalu nak hantaq kat situ but then selalu tutup on saturday sunday, why ah???

    anne : haha...u niiii, u should back me up tau!! :-p

    p/s : tunggu lepas raya pulak untuk urut lah. will call the number u emailed me later :-D

    farha : amboi! macam mak makkk plak dia's ur mum? regards to her k. selamat berpuasa to u too

    farah : thanks! i pilih, mestila cantik haha

    kak rina : not bigger lah, same size kot. but at times i nampak macam smaller plak, nanti i measure k just out of curiosity hahahaha

    haa, i bought that carpet together with the checkered carpet dulu, 2 for less than RM300!! what a steal..hehe

  6. wah,, cantiknya carpet baru.. match the theme colour.. we used to buy carpet from vipin katpert.. ala.. kat area kapitan tu la.. harga dia ok .. selalu ada sale.. pilihan pun byk.. tapi hari tu pi queensbay// kan ada kedai carpet baru tu .. mcm ok je jugka harga carpet dia.. boleh la try

  7. zoora : hehe, i bought mine kat this shop opposite Vipin Carpet. Tho the initial plan was to buy at Vipin but I found that this shop is even cheaper than Vipin, so apa lagi. :-D

    oh dah lama tak jejak kaki ke QB atau apa2 mall, takut H1N1 huhu



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