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Brinjal and potato dish

This is a very-very simple side dish that I learned to prepare from my mum. The original recipe uses eggplant/brinjal but because my husband does not like brinjal, today i use small pieces of chicken instead. The brinjal and potato will always make meals taste better. At least it does for me.

The Ingredients :

- The long Purple Brinjal ~ sliced and mix with turmeric powder and salt
- Potato ~ sliced and mix with turmeric powder and salt
- Onions ~ sliced
- Carrot (or any other vege you'd like to use)
- Cooking oil
- Chili paste
- 1~2 table spoon of ketchup
- Soy sauce
- Salt to taste

Method :

- Heat the oil. Fry the brinjal until it turns golden. Set aside.
- Fry the potato until it's cook nicely. Set aside.
- Add in onion, fry till fragrant. Add in the chili paste and let it cook.
- Pour in ketchup, soy sauce and add salt to taste.
- Lastly add in the fried brinjal, potato and carrot; and mix everything in the pan together until it blends.

Your side dish is now ready to be served!


  1. so simple ... can even try test it with other ingredients kan kan !??! ... heheh

    so after u have compiled all ur easy peasy recipes, i would love to have them in hardcopy please =P ... thanks ^_^

  2. kak rina : yerp can even use other ingeredients, as long as potato is there. haha..i love em potatos!

    erkkk...hardcopy eh? maybe i'll make a book and sell them to u. ekekekeke

  3. ni nmpak mcm cepat and simple,aku kena try nih :D ngeh3x.

  4. amy : sila try. very cepat and very simple, memang kena la taste hang. hahaha

    watie : bok mai address nak pos laju. muahahaha

  5. Sile masak ni len kali sy turn Penang.. along with your ayam masak merah ye :p

  6. ayu : hehehe bolee...tapi sila roger awal2 ya supaya bole budget time nak masak sambil melayan si kenit. :-p



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