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The Mistress

Our car had been sent to the workshop for it badly needed a paint job. It was a loooooooooong week for me, being cooped up in the house without means of transportation. Finally today, we got the car back and we're both happy for totally different reasons. I'm happy because we get to commute again, while hubby is extremely happy with his mistress's makeover. He just can't stop talking (crap) about 'her', not even for a second. Sigh...

I know he's sooooo dying for me to blog about it, so here I am presenting his mistress - the EG9 - to the whole world. I'm such a good sport for blogging about my husband's mistress, am I not? :-p


  1. oh he upgraded his mistress eh?? heheh ... pwetty also =P

    am sure he will proudly parade his mistress everywhere especially during the upcoming wedding kan!??! ;)

  2. oh yesss!!ur soo right about him parading the mistress. u know ur bro in law quite well i'd say. ekekekeke

  3. He call it Mistress!!! hehehe...
    Luckly you, bcoz some men says it's their 1st wifey... lolz

    Anyway the color is so cool!

  4. haha he said it's his gf, but i said it's his
    mistress. sounds more dramatic rite??muahahaha..

  5. btw puga, the color is BMW silver (hehe berangan nak BMW)

  6. of course la ... i'm married to his brother ... both apples came from the same tree ma .. ekekekke



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