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A for Apple...B for Ball...

Irfan now likes to...ermmm...shall I say, explore with different types of behaviours. His most favourite 'behaviour' is to make mess everywhere, but he also helps his mama to do simple chores like sweeping the dirty floor...

And carry his own stuff...

(Excuse the poor quality of the pic)

Other than that, he also loooovessss to tear things apart. I bought some flash cards for him a few months back, but most of it has been torn apart. Adamant not to waste more money, I resolve to make our very own flash cards using recycle boxes.

These were made using some chocolate boxes I found lying around at mak's house. Drawing and coloring tools - pens and markers - are courtesy of Irfan's Tok Abah, . I had sooo much fun doing these, can't wait to finish it. Anyone has any ideas how to make the card features more interesting than these?

P/S : I'm sooo losing touch with my drawing skills. In dire need to polish it.


  1. ala.. pandainya irfan.. meh la sapu rumah auntie sekali.. ni zahraa ni malas nak tolong ni

  2. Wah².. ngelat wat keje umah ekkk suh Irfan buat heheh..

    Lawa la the flash card.. I thought you printed it from somewhere.. upenye wat sendiri *clap²*

  3. zoora : hehehe..kalau zahra ada confirm dia tak tolong kau ngemas, dia nanti bgorat KAKAKKK! hahaha

    ayu : ala skali skala ngelat apa salahnya :-p lawa kaa..hehe..any ideas to improve it?

  4. i love the flash cards!! wah ur very creative eh ?? heheh ... i cannot draw to save my life la ... tat bad ... probably i'll trace urs la ... heheh ... tat one i terer!! =P

  5. huhu..bai dah buat flash card..kak ct dr last year nak buat...x terbuat2 lg..dah siap buat checklist A for what..B for kadnye x buat lg..huhu..
    ni nak kena buat gak ni..

  6. kak rina : i was in the landscape architecture like whaaattt or coz la kena reti draw, hehe can trace mine BUUUUUUTTTT haf to pay me some royalty yaaa..kweng kweng kweng..

    kak ct : yaka...emailkan bai checklist tu bole? tengah cari tapi tak jumpa :-D email tau!

  7. ajar irfan G is for great, E is for Effort! Cayalah mama

  8. hi, i buat sendiri flash card...i beli poster yg murah mcm 'types of bird' then i gunting and tampal on the blank board. its cheap, colorful and lots of infos...

  9. anne : hehe thanks!! :-p

    ila de cute : hi ila, oh what a great idea kan! easier than having to draw everything yourself...will keep that in mind when i proceed with my flashcards again. thanks!



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