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Dup dap dup dap!

Menunggu hari...

I remember how torturous this stage was last time. I'm feeling uncomfortable most of the time, days and nights. Mind is not at ease thinking of how the labor is gonna be like. Despite people telling me not to think about it, how can I NOT think about it?!?! It's the biggest thing that's gonna be taking place in my life in more or less 2 weeks time. Sapa tak cuak kan kan kan?

Anyway, I keep dreaming of giving birth (the dreams occurred like every other nights) and it wasn't that bad. And the main concern in those dream was usually whether I gave birth through  the normal birthing process or c-sect. It was always the same kind of dream, though the environment and every other aspect of the dreams vary. But in all those dreams, I'd have no idea as to how I gave birth coz I knocked out during the process.I'd wake up to find the lil angel in my arms and the big guy smiling at me, happy that our little hero is finally here with us!

Looking at all the baby stuffs that we've prepared for our lil hero, I just can't wait for him  to be here. Can't wait to hold him in my arms. I still remember the warm feelings I got the moment the little guy popped out of my womb. It was the most beautiful feeling I've ever experienced, and I can't wait to feel it once again. And to think that I'll get to smell the heavenly scent of a baby once again, oh memang syurga!

I just pray that everything will be fine and smooth for me, insyaAllah. 

My only wish is to have a healthy baby yang cukup sempurna sifat dan akhlaknya : Ya Allah, Kau permudahkanlah dan janganlah Kau sukarkan.


  1. All the best dear. Will pray for u...

  2. InsyaAllah.. Dun worry too much.. Bykkan berdoa.. InsyaAllah semua akan selamat.. :-)

  3. no worries...banyakkan baca doa nabi yunus.semoga segalanya dipermudahkan, amin...



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