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Aaaaand the search begins!


Time sure flies. Believe it or not, it has been almost a year since we registered the little guy in his current kindy (madrasah). And now it's time to look for a new kindy for him, one that is closer to home! The big guy's (and mine) criteria in choosing the kindy this time is still one that emphasizes more on the Islamic approach of studying. English medium would be an added advantage but we are not worried about it so much as he can learn English at home too.

Maka sesi pencarian bermula!

Pic taken from their facebook page

We've set an appointment to meet with the headmistress of the above kindy for this Tuesday, hopefully things will work out well. 

And I hope we could settle the registration before I give birth to the lil bro soon!

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  1. assalammualaikum...hi cheq...penang duk dkt mana...(^_^)



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