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The bad shopping companion!

Believe it or not, today was my first time ever stepping foot in Daiso. Yeah yeah I know, so outdated kan. But despite wanting so bad to go and check out what the hype is all about, I just kept forgetting to look for the shop everytime we go to the mall.

And today, I know why so many girls out there could forget themselves in there. There are too many cute stuff around that I felt like grabbing everything I within my eyesight. I can almost  imagine my mom going crazy in  there too. She'd love to shop at Daiso for sure, it's really her kind of shop! Hehehe.But since I need to spend on other necessary stuff for the baby and confinement, I managed to hold myself in check.

I almost went out empty handed but then I heard a tiny little voice calling out to me, pointing out to this :

He said 'Mama that is so cute! Its pink and got hearts. You should buy it'. 

So there goes (the equivalent of) 127.5640 yen out of my purse into the Daiso cash register!


  1. Haha.. aritu sy bwk Bart gi sane.. dia dah ajak gi lagi dah ni heheh..

  2. I can never come out of daiso n not getting anything frm there. How can u resist the stuffs there. Daiso is always full of people. Nowadays after sending my daughter to school, i'll go to the mall and will be the first person in Daiso n i get to shop in peace!

    1. I wonder how i managed too. Years of self-control trained by the hubs i guess :-p

  3. Salam singgah n follow u.....kalau sudi jenguklah ke



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