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God gimme patience. Sigh...

Orang kata budak nak dapat adik ni, perangai lain macam. I didn't think it was true until recently. 

Lately, the lil guy has been too manja and clingy. He'd cry over every little things. Not only that, he likes to do things that would annoy and irritate everyone around him! Just yesterday, he threw his dad's phone because he was frustrated with the game he was playing. Baling sampai skrin crack okkkk. Hangin la bapak dia! Almost everyday he'd test our patience with his behavior so he gets scolded even more now than before.

But sometimes when I realized that he gets scolded too much, rasa kesian pulak. So I'm trying my best to control my anger so as not to make him feel isolated and neglected, especially when his lil bro is gonna pop out real soon. I hope I'd have the patience needed to handle this boy. Ameen!

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  1. betul sis,u should try to count 10 times and take a deep breath or ignore him for a while esp when he gets cranky.experienced before mase ammar nak dapat adik but always did the damage control in mind not to scold him.haha,memang payah but have to so that he won't hate her lil sis when she's pooped out



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