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So here it is...

This is me at around 32 weeks of my second - or rather third - pregnancy. *pic taken during raya*

I feel so heavy now. Heavy and lazy. Hehe. But people keep saying that I've got a smaller tummy compared to when I was pregnant with the lil guy. And they keep remarking that I look like I am carrying a little princess in my cute lil tummy coz I looked all glowing and pwetty hahaha! *sila muntah darah sekarang jugakkk!!!*

Well, whatever it is, my only wish is to have a healthy baby. And a SMOOTH DELIVERY this time. So please pray for me ok.


  1. Semoga dipermudahkan Bai.. :) tp mmg kecik je nampak perut tu..^^

  2. dah nampak perutnya :) semoga dipermudahkan nanti. bestnya dpt hero. kita hrp pun hero kali ni.

    1. Hehe haah dah nampak. Dah dekat due pun so kalau tak nampak risau la haha. U dah berapa weeks? Belum tahu gender eh?



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