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Ohhhh penatttt!

OMG lama sangat tak berblogging!!!

Our raya celebration was fun but exhausting. Especially for mak buyung ni! Can't even remember the last time I feel this tired. Like seriously!

In fact, we are still in the midst of celebrating raya this week as there are still 'makan-makan' invitations received, and I'm having my family over for raya dinner soon.

Just can't wait to put my feet up and relax though, since I only got a couple of months to go before the baby pops out!

So how's your raya?


  1. mak buyung makan lauk raya puas2 naaaa...nnt nak kene pantang lama... :) Selamat hari raya dear !

  2. same with you..raya is equal to penat! :p



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