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So now I'm announcing to the whole wide world that insyaAllah, we are getting another BOY!!!

With 3 boys in the house, I'm pretty sure my life is never, ever gonna be 'peaceful' again, but I'm loving every single thought of it. So excited to see the lil guy (or shall I say big bro) bonding with his lil bro. I can foresee them being best friends when they are all grown *insyaAllah, ameen!*

Anyway, lil bro is one heck of a lucky baby since he has already gotten his first two raya angpow(s) even though he hasn't pops out of momma's tummy yet! And when I asked the lil guy if I could use his adik's money to buy my things, he strictly said "NOOO!!! Keep it for the baby! Nanti kesian dia xdak duit raya!".

Awwwwww! Such a sweet big bro he is, being protective even when the lil bro is still in momm's womb. Keep up that attitude ok darling!


  1. hahah sama lah dgn I, another bOy jugak..nampak gaya kena try lg utk princess next 2 years eekekeke

    1. Hahaha...sronok apa boys ramai. Nanti diorang leh jaga kita time tua...insyaAllah! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. eh don't get me wrong. I memang nak BOY pun so alhamdulillah we get another boy. Hihi. I suka ja boys ramai :-)

  3. alhamdulillah!
    tak sabar nak tggu little boy awak kuar tu! mmg "meriah" boy ngan boy ni ... bedebak bedebuk je la keje hihihi



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