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OH gosh oh gosh oh gosh!!!!

I  can't seem to stop posting about things related to my preparation for the arrival of our little bundle of joy. Well, it seems like that's all I could think about nowadays. Tak sabar saaaangat! Even though I'm very very scared thinking of how the labor process  is gonna be like this time!

1st batch washed. Recycle baju the lil guy! :-) 2nd batch coming soon.

Cutest barut ever from Kedai Chomel!!!
Can you smell my excitement in the air now?!?!?!?


  1. yup! all the best honey!
    i love the baruts!

  2. I pulak x dtg2 lg aura rajin tu...errr hopefully cpt2 la datang sbb lagi 4 weeks je kot baby nk keluar huhuuhh

  3. waa~ all the best dear.. semoga semuanya selamat.. :-)



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