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And then it was their birthday!

* This is a much much much muchhhhh overdue entry*

This year, the boys birthday was celebrated with less enthusiasm on my part. The reason for it was because I was busy throwing up and trying NOT TO FAINT in the midst of doing anything.

But being the little guy, every year when it was time for his birthday mesti kena ada potong cake ceremony! To him, a birthday without a cake is no birthday at all! So, we decided to let him had his celebration at school with the teachers and friends.

Alhamdulillah, even though it was a simple celebration, he was still ecstatic having people singing him the birthday song.

Ben-10 rainbow cake with cream cheese from Melting Bites. Simply awesome! Most importantly, the lil guy loved it to bits!

And as for his (and his mom) pressie, his dad got us registered as bakal haji 2047 with Tabung Haji! Alhamdulillah, ever since my parents completed their rukun Islam ke-5 end of last year, I had been yearning for the same thing and thank you Allah for making it easy for us to take the first baby step towards realizing our dream. Thanks to the big guy too for making it possible. InsyaAllah moga murah rezeki kita nak ke tanah suci when the time comes.

And as for the man of the house, he got to cross off one thing in his wishlist. Harus lah suka jugak kan!  ^_^

Love you guys to bits!


  1. Someone forgot my birthday.. huwaaa~~~

  2. haha sume dapat. hepi belated besday irfan! aritu time nk blk KL, dlm kete sami ckp 'mami sami nk pg main dgn irfan lagik..' hehe next time okk



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