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THAT is my creative juice flowing!

If it's one thing I love beyond handbags,shoes and other girly obsession, it is to beautify our home.

And out of the blue, I'm getting this mojo for gardening.

Oh well. I was once a landscape architect after all. How can I ignore that creative juice flowing inside my brain urging me to make my house green, regardless of the limited resources I have. Or perhaps, this is just my current obsession that will soon die just like all my other obsessions before this particular one. Whatever it is, I'm just going to indulge myself in this gardening thingy for the time being, simply because this is what makes me happy. For now. Hehehe.

Anyway, it all started when we have some leftovers stuff (tiles to be exact) from the previous renovation we did to the wet kitchen. And then the big guy brought back some pebbles they've used for Christmas deco at the office. Then, my hands got itchy to put them to a good use.

Once I started, I couldn't stop and just had to add here and there to complete the look that I want for the garden. It is of course, not yet done, but I'm going with the flow. Can't have them all at one go. What's most important is for me to nurture the plants so they won't end up dying like the ones before!


It's so blissful and satisfying to be able to grow a garden at such limited space we have at home. I get all giddy watching the little guy do his homework while having the soft breeze gently flipping his hair. And the big guy and I get to spend our time in the 'love nest', talking for hours about everything and nothing in particular.

Bestttttt sangat!

Now I just can't wait for my cousin to come back to Penang and help me plant some ground-covers to cover the stained floor. And I'm crossing my fingers that this is not my hangat-hangat tahi ayam obsession!


  1. halamak.. pasnih rias rumah i plakkk haha

  2. cantikkkkk!!! sedap mata memandang..:)
    kreatif u.

  3. that beautiful small green haven of yours is making me feel like i wanna get down n dirty with seeds & pots as well.. definitely going to give it a go during this coming holiday..

  4. cool! by the way, thats a gorgeous looking garden :)



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