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Not a baby anymore!

A friend commented on how dusty this blog is. Fuhhh fuhhh fuhhhh. Oh well that's me blowing the cobwebs outta the way. Ok I know. So not funny! :-p


The last time I wrote in here the lil guy was just a mere baby (ok so I'm exaggerating again) but today, he is a STUDENT. A student you guys! I can't believe it. Anak haku dah besaqqqq! Huhuhu.

I so wanna update about his orientation day, His first day at school and his learning development. But let's leave it for later. Because for now, we're going to hafta finish his homework.

Mana I letak rotan tadi, mana??????


  1. Haaa.. ade pun entry.. but..

    MORE! I want more! =p

  2. Allah, comelnyeeee

    beb mmg u dh bersawang2 dh blog nih. Irfan dok letak spiderweb aje haha.. nnti free check here

  3. mama garanggggg. siap dgn rotan tuuu.
    i pun x terblog lg pasal adam's 1st day at school. bunguk apantah takleh transfer gmbr lak. grrr

  4. alahai comel sgt pakai camni! siap dgn kopiah lagi :D haa tu awat mak hang cari rotan tu? nak ligan ka?? hahaha;p



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