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Oh Ben!

Do you girls miss me???

I realized that I didnt write much about the little guy's schooling experience here. Which I should. Coz this can be a recorded memories of his earlier lives, from where he would be able to read back about all his experiences when he's all grown up. So I'll try to be more diligent after this. I hope!


I was more excited than the lil guy was when he was about to start school early this year. So whatever he wanted, he got. Lucky for him, he got a mom who's obsessed in making her kid happy.  ^__^

Yaaa...he got obsesses with Ben-10 plak this time. Dari bag, lunch box, tumbler, lunch bag, kasut spender semuaaaa nak Ben-10! Nasib la tak mintak nak pakai baju Ben-10 pi sekolah. Kalau tak mati nak menjawab ngn cikgu.

Well, getting him what he wanted was a way to get him all psyched to go to school. Too bad it only worked for a while though, as now he has already become an expert in making up excuses not to go to school. Every morning! Well, I shall leave that for another entry. 

Till then. Cheerios girls!


  1. Ben 10 plakkk. so come this March, no Spidey lah ye? =p

  2. more spidey obsession eh?
    sekelip mata kau berubah, irfan.huhu

  3. macam semangat je if we have the whole set kan?

  4. siap ada lunch bag tu ... where did u get that??? with the container sekali tu ... can bring my lunch in tat kan?!? hehehe

  5. sami now almost ever morning nangis.. kalu tak nangis meaning dia tgh tdo i anto g school.. makin nk dpt adik makin manja.. tp kan.. dlm xnk pg school tuh mintak buku exercise, kt umah non-stop buat exercise.. eh cover blk agaknye hehe



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