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Sel-sel otak berhubung sangat!

I have this habit of starting something with the little guy and only do it halfway. I guess I'm really not a good teacher in that sense. Lucky thing I have a pupil who takes his own initiative to excel in what he does. Alhamdulillah.

We started on this puzzle craze about 2-3 months back, before my parents went for hajj. After a couple of weeks, I was too lazy to guide him in putting all the pieces together. Such a tiring work ok! So I just stored them all in his toy drawer. Until today.

Out of boredeom (I guess), he took them out and decided to complete the puzzle. At first I wasn't interested to entertain him because I knew I'd be the one ending up doing it. But after a while, he kept coming to me and showed the pieces that he put together with exclamations like "Look! I found the missing piece!" and "See! This is the correct order!". Wahahaha. That for sure got my attention lahhh!

So I sat and watched him completed it. He took a long time alright, almost an hour to do it. But he completed it on his own. Without my help. For the first time ever. Aaaaand I am so darn proud of you babyyyyy!

Presenting my first ever completed puzzle! This, I did on my own ok!

Ok lepas ni boleh beli banyak-banyak puzzle lagiiiiii!


  1. clap clap clap....

    aku pun suka gak susun puzzle ni. tapi lama dah tak buat. dah tua..hehe

  2. Way to go, Irfan! Even KAK Ayu is proud of you =)

  3. pandainya irfan. terserlah muka happy tu :)

    hugs from aunty

  4. woahhhhh welldone irfan!!! later auntie give a hug okehhhhh

    kalu sami boy nih mampos dia dh throw kt tong sampah hahahahha

  5. wahhh gud job irfan!

    dulu2 masa sarah dok rajin gak belikan dia puzzle tp pastu penat nak kutip balik...bersepah di sana mmg enjoy la tgk anak2 boleh siapkn drawing tu kan..

  6. good boy!...sejuk perut mummy naa...ahaks

  7. hebattt!!! hehe... ;) Jemput ke blog i



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