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Syahdu di malam jumaat

Hahaha tajuk overrrrrr!

Well actually tgh syahdu thinking of perangai pelik the little guy tonight..di malam Jumaat ni. He had been sleeping with his grandma this whole week with no complaint..cuma adalah once or twice he voiced out his desire to come and sleep with us. But everytime when his dad told him to keep daddy ma company, he was ok with it.

Tapi malam ni he was different. He insisted that I sleep with him and have it any other way. I tried sneaking into the room but once he realized that I'm gone...he wailed and wailed so I had no other choice but to go back and sleep with him until he dozed off.


Now I feel bad for leaving him after he's asleep. Maybe he missed me that much already huh? Hang in there sweetheart. Next week bole tidoq bwh ketiak mama for the whole week ok!


  1. bagus dia, can sleep w his grandma
    my dotter still nak tidur bawah ketiak i jugak tp i teman masa ndia nk tidur je, pastu i lari masuk my room hahaha terukkan i ni

  2. zarin : irfan dari kecik dah dibiasakan. dulu every weekend he slept with my mum. plus masa kecik he wasn't a clingy baby pun, so ok la. cuma lately jadi attach semacam ngn his parents, don't know why. dah besaq kot eh..



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