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First ever experience Chatime!

I had my first ever Chatime last night!! So please excuse my jakun-ness ya people. Well frankly...I don't understand what's the big fuss all about. The pearl milk tea is really not bad. Ok I admit..the more I chewed on those black balls, the nicer and better it tasted. But the grass jelly with fresh milk- recommended by the SA - wasn't good at all! At least to me they didn't taste good lah.

Perhaps I did not ordered the best flavor. I guess I need to experiment all the flavors first before could join in the Chatime-crazed.

 So what is your favourite Chatime?


  1. try the strawberry yogurt (smoothie, if i'm not mistaken)..yang tu sedap :)

  2. Chatime tu ape? <-- Okay, now I feel sgt katak bwh tempurung, hokey!



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