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Olay Regenerist : short review

Hari ini mari kita bercakap hal ehwal penjagaan wajah ya puan-puan.

In case you girls haven't know, I'm currently using the Olay Regenerist products which includes the serum, moisturizer, night cream and the cleanser. Olay Regenerist is best for aging skin, women of the age 30 and above. (if I'm not mistaken)

So here's my promised review. Well, actually I'm not in the mood to write a long-winded review so let the pictures speak for itself, boleh kan?

Before : OMG!!! My skin condition was this bad at one point! Punya la malas nak jaga, padan muka!

After : Better right??????

Frankly, I've seen the improvement in just a few days after using Olay. Since I was so happy to see the drastic improvement, awal-awal tu memang tersangat rajin apply the moisturizer, serum and night cream daily. Kejap2 berdiri depan cermin to check on the improvement. Poyo gila! Haha! But now I'm already slacking and I notice when I skipped applying the creams for quite some time due to laziness, my skin will tend to be back to it's former state. Ugghhhhh!!!!

So I guess as it is with any products, the key is : MUST APPLY CONTINUOUSLY!!! Tu pun kalau nak kulit cantik laaaaaaa...

P/S : Panda eyes tu hangpa buat-buat tak nampak ja ok! Peace!


  1. betui kak. pakai pape pun...kene skip skip!

    kalau skip2 pakai sk2 pun tak jadi apa~

  2. alamak tingin lak tiba2 nk tukar olay gak huhuhu

  3. gambar 2nd tu nampak macam dato' siti nurhaliza. aww!

  4. Alaa..satu gmbr tu u amik mlm,satu lg siang ekk?Lighting x sama. But i can see the glow anyway. yg rasa nak tkr product ni

  5. wohh yang tetiba rasa nak pakai olay regenerist gak..hehehe



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