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Agak-agak, umur berapa yang sesuai?

Ok lately I have been getting lotsa 'queries' from people around me on WHEN ARE WE GONNA ENROLL THE LITTLE GUY IN SCHOOL/KINDY?

Most of the time, my short answer would be "Nanti la, for now home school dulu". Truth is, when he was about to turn 3, I kept asking the big guy to enroll him into school already so that I could have some ME time in the morning! That was plain selfish I know, and I guess it was only fair for the big guy to decide 4 would be a better age to go to school. Now that he's nearing 4, something inside me that 4 is indeed the best age for him to go to school because as it is now, the little guy has too much pent-up energy when he stays at home with me. So whenever we go out or even when we visit the grandparents house, he would be extra hyper and will always act uncontrollable that he'd always make us mad! Maka mestilah kena marah, cubit, spank etc. Hehehe!

I guess all he needs is to socialize with kids his age. And he has so much yearning for knowledge but I'm too lazy to entertain him. Plus I don't really have the knowledge in TEACHING, so macam susah sikit nak ajar.

But the big guy now decides to postpone another year. Dah cakap nak send to school at the age of 5 pulakkkkk. Sigh...

Frankly, I don't know whether to push it or not. Because as according to my own experience, I was sent to kindy at the age of 5. I hate going to school then, so every morning I gave my mother a hard time when she had to get me ready for school. Until one day, my dad couldn't stand it anymore and gave me the lesson of my life by beating me up with his belt! Oh Goddd! That was the first and the last time he'd ever beat me throughout my entire life - and for such tiny little reason I might add - but I could still remember it vividly until now. And that day, I quit kindy. I refused to go anymore. Just like that. They only enrolled me into another one at the age of 6, and I enjoyed my time there for the whole year!

So now, I'm really not sure if the little guy is ready to go. Because he seems like he is in real need of mingling with friends his age, yet I don't know that for sure.

What about your kids? At what age do you send them to school and for what purpose?


  1. We're sending Arees when he turns 5 also ... reason being is
    1) that kindy's now are so freakishly expensive!!! 2) I went to kindy at the same age ... and I turned out fine ja =)
    3) This is the time he can be easily influence so am worried with who he hangs out with ... kecik2 pun ada gangsta @_@

    At times i feel like sending him when he's 6 ja and kalau bolehi wanna go follow him to class and see who he mingles with ... hmmm gila tul!! hehehe

  2. bai,
    i would say...depends on the kid himself/herself. Ada budak yang umur 4 tahun (or earlier) dah ready to go to 'school'...& they enjoyed themselves. But some kids pulak kalau lama2 dok kat sekolah, dia cepat bosan pulak...mula2 ok...lama2 nnt dia bosan cikgu dok ajar benda sama...& he already know them by heart..pelagi...dtg sekolah dia dok kacau org jek. I'm not talking from my own experience, sbb anak2 pun kecik2 lg..but from org sekeliling punya experience. Mostly depa ckp paling cpt pun umur 4 tahun...younger than that...boleh mcm 'paksa' bebudak pegi sekolah awal sgt. Nnt dia bosan plak...if u r capable of 'home schooling' dlu...maybe u can do that. but if the purpose nk hantar dia to school supaya he can mingle with friends his age..then ok je umur brape pun...yg penting he enjoys it! Kalau dia x suka...x perlu paksa...later can send him

  3. Just would like to share some info, hope it's ok with you -:)

    Pre-kindergarten is for kids age 4-5 years old and Kindergarten is for kids age 5-6 years old. These 2 levels are very crucial for kids as it is the beginning of preparation to Primary One.

    Kids can also be sent earlier to any pre-school as it'll help them to mingle, play with kids around their age. It's up to parents to decide what's best for their kids.

  4. takpe beb, if i jadik u pon i akan delay2 and the only reason to sent him early pon utk socialite and xlarat dh nk layan kt umah ahhahahah (tolak tepi la i punye situasi yek Or maybe u can ask boss kecik terus, bila dia ready nk g school?

  5. Masa 2 tahun, hantar pi Tumble Tots sebab saja nak bagi berkawan.. Seminggu sekali.. Kelas sejam jer and kita kat situ gak.. Saja nak bagi socialize and nak hilangkan gayat dia..

    Starting 3 years.. Send to Smart Reader sbb yg tu yg duration paling sekejap.. From 9am - 11.45am.. Tapi lama2 memang dia bosan sbb dia dah boleh A-Z, 1-30 apa bagai tu.. So kitorang pun decide nak keluarkan dia tahun depan ni..

    Skrg tgh try nak survey Pingu English yg kat Qbay tu.. Seminggu sekali / 2 kali jer kelas dia.. Buat art&craft, baking, music apa semua tu.. More like playschool I guess.. Kami pi trial kelas dia this Saturday... Hopefully ok laa kot..

  6. 4 years old silibus 1-10, ngan abc...start phonic n so on. But ur son seems can do that at home kan. Maybe choose playschool yg seminggu 3 kali je ke so that he can socialize if that what u think he need.
    My 1st n 2nd went at 4 yo. Reason...1st (son) cakap lambat..sense something it sort of intervention. Alhamdullilah lots were discover back than at kindy that allowed us to seek proper advice. When ur kids does not act as a normal child than lagi terserlah perbezaan tu masa bercampur budak2 lain. Teacher will easily see that n informed parents.

    My 2nd..well still cautious with the 1st child condition, we sent her early too to see if she's having the same problem. Luckily she's not and she's ok spending 3 years there.

  7. hi.. i sent my eldest masa dia 2 1/2 yrs old.. reading class, 2 days a week, sejam stgh every lesson.. bukan nk suruh belajar but nk suruh dia mix around aje sebab masa tu he's too manja with me, tak boleh tinggal ngan sape2 lgsg.. and i was pregnant with no.2 at that time, so i needed a time out too.. when he's 4, we sent him once a week aje.. then masa dah masuk pre-school we stopped that reading class sebab homework skolah sekarang pun berlambak nak kena buat.. i think if you send Irfan at 4 pun bagus jugak kot.. x payah hantar yg everyday class tu, just to give him some exposure.. nnt masa 5 years old dia dah biasa, senang la nak pegi sekolah.. hihi..

  8. my case...
    my kids semua start kindy at age 4...
    sbbnya i'm working...
    takde maid kat rumah...
    hantar rumah babysitter...
    so rasanya dari dok rumah babysitter & tak belajar or buat apa-apa...
    might as well antar dorang ke kindy...
    at least they learn something...
    plus dorang will be able to socialize...
    and thankfully all 4 of my kids...
    enjoy going to kindy sampai umur 6 tahun....

  9. my opinion..there's no right or wrong age to send yr kids to kindy so early but i remember one sound advice from an experienced educator - kindergartens are created to nurture social skills in young children for them to be able to transit smoothly when they enter primary school and therefore should be just that tapi kindies kat msia ni mostly terlalu titikberatkan rigid learning hence mesti pandai baca tulis dan kira sbb nanti masuk standard 1 kalo tak pandai buat 3 tu mmg akan ketinggalan...apa nak buat dah sistem pendidikan kita mcm tuh..

    learning is supposed to be fun :)

  10. sarah start 5yo kat kindy ...
    tp syimir (baya irfan kan) kami nak hantar start 4yo tp drop in saja 1-2hari seminggu..just nak socialie ngan kengkawan la, dok duduk umah je dari lahir smpi skrg ni maka dia tak berapa nak kawan2 ngan budak2 lain unless ada kakak sarah dia ...

  11. agree with papakeechee.
    am planning to send lil adam next yr (5yo). bcoz kindies are expensive, and to avoid him being so bored of the same thing.

  12. next year i will send him to a real playschool,siap pakai mom want him to go to english islamic ones,but i want something like kumon kinda school.sometimes im confused,who is aqid's mom, is it me or my mom.hehehehe
    so,we decided to send him to english islamic playschool-dengar cakap mak bole masuk syurga,kan?huhuhu.
    i just pray and hopefully he will b fine there.

  13. sy start kindy masa 6 tahun. Tapi plan nk start hantar najihah pi kindy umur 5 tahun la...since duk nursery ni jarang2 ada activity, just main je dgn kawan2 plus najihah ni still agak pelat..kalau dah cakap laju mmg kami pun tak paham.. irfan dh boleh pi kindy kot..mesti dia seronok bleh wat activity dgn kids his age.

  14. i antar aqeel start umur 3thn tapi kejap je dlm 3 bulan masa hujung2 tahun...dia tak enjoy sgt.
    masuk 4thn baru start kindy betul2.
    i rasa 4thn ok. dia byk juga belajar plus kat rumah kadang tak sempat nak ajar sendiri kan. so, better antar skool dan enjoy bekawan.
    lagi satu i rasa zaman skg tak bole nak samakan dgn zaman dulu. budak2 skg semua antar awal, so nanti kalau kita tak ajar bebetul kat rumah, bila masuk darjah satu, anak kita ketinggalan pulak.
    kalau nak antar 5thn still ok lagi.

  15. I am sending Boboy next month at his age 4y.o...taktau pasai apa but main reason is sbb dia tunggal and takdak kawan nak main..everyday main sensorang ngan grandma as at least kat skul dia ada kawan to mingle around..nak kata blajar A-Z, dia dah tau dah kenai dah boleh sebut, nak kata blajar numbers, dia bole kira 1-10, bole kenai rupa the 0-9, bole kira 1-50 kalau tunjuk kat buku or wall expectation hantaq skul pun at least pandai berkawan...NC they are teaching by using phoenix bagai tuu...tgk laa nti apa different as well as Boboy's improvement and the outcome..silap2 anak aku pandai dah memenda tuu at his level of age...kekekeke..

    But kalau laa boleh hantaq pi Pingu English just like MamaEesya kata tuu..memang menarik..cuma kekangannya sapa nak hantaq ke sana..huhu..Tp takpa, just depends on kids klu depa excited, hantaq ja laa..takut jugak anak manja Imma tuu, satgi dia buat excited awai2 jaa lepas tu duk buat 'gembeng', jenuh laa bapaknya menghantaq sbb mak awai2 pagi seawai 6.30 dah terlepaih ke Balik Pulau...mak skul jugak..hihihiii



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