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Looking forward to...

I wanna update the blog, but too lazy to perah ideas to update. 

This week is our turn sleeping over at MIL's. So lagi laaa malas wanna think too much coz I only have like 8 hours per day at home. Macam orang keja gak la. In the morning before the big guy goes to work, he'll send me and the little guy to our 'office' and once he finished work, he'll come and fetch us from the 'office'. Hiks. Tapi yang bestnya, I could continue my sleep once I reach this office! Korang bole? Hahah!


I am looking forward to  this weekend coz it'll be my BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!!! I already had a plan on what we're going to do. Nothing big or extravaganze but considering our current situation, I think this will do. But no matter how, I can't let the big guy handles the planning coz if it's left in his hand, I think we'll end up celebrating in front of the TV. Hehehe.

Ok, I'm off to enjoy some ME time while the little guy is sleeping. Have a fun week people!


  1. huh dh nak besday dahh? hepi coming besday la yek.. semoga bertambah santek, sihat & kaya aminnnn

  2. ape lagi sis?post ur wish list la.hehe

  3. hahaha kelakar ok part pegi 'office' boleh tido tu. i is very de jealousss! ;p



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