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Celebrating without the parents :-(

How was your Raya Haji?

Mine was hectic. Dan sedikit sayu. Of course it was sad since we had to celebrate it without our parents and FIL. But it was still fun nevertheless. I had the chance to have a taste of what it feels like to take charge. And man! It was damn tiringggg!

My SIL and I managed to come up with these on pagi raya. Not bad huh?!? I think we deserve an A for the effort!

Truth be told, before this I never bothered to learn to make my mom's special dish on raya morning : sup tulang! I remember a day before she pushed off to Mekah, baru tergedik-gedik saya nak mintak recipe. So she just told me the ingredients roughly and being the lazy me, I just hope I have them stuck in my head for when I need them. So on raya eve, kelam kabut la nak ingat balik recipe. Luckily, they turned out quite well despite me forgetting the full recipe given, though my brothers kept complaining tak sama cam mak buat. Haihhh! Memang la susah nak sama okkkk! Air tangan mak adalah lain.

But hubby said it was scrumptious. That coming from a man whose favorite dishes are all sorts of CURRY and not soup, maka saya dengan bangganya men-declare sup tulang saya adalah yummylicious!

And most importantly, rendangku tidak hangitttt lagiii! Ngiahahahha!

If only mak was there, she would've been proud of me I'm sure! Hahaha.

And then that night we had a fun gathering with all the siblings. Kecoh rumah my brother with us and the kids.  Alhamdulillah, despite all the shortcomings we are blessed with love and happiness.  Thank you Allah.

Thank you soooo much!


  1. wahhh tbyg u berpoloh2 take charge hahahhaa.. time mak i g Haji i xsusah hati sbb kakak i ade utk masak kesemuanyee hahahhaa

  2. alamak...sedapnye sup tu.. share la resepi dear. :)

  3. dahsyat! kalau boleh masak sup tulang + rendang dah boleh dikira hebat ^_^

  4. your rendang and sup tulang look awesome bai! tahniah! hehe. i remember masa my parents also went for hajj. pastu masa dorang nak balik our tokwan, makcik n pakcik mai rumah, so my sis and i had to cook lauk raya for the first time! tried making sambal goreng pengantin as my mom does it, tapi tak berapa jadi exactly... taste boleyyyy laaaa.. but not the right method. but now dah duduk sini sorang dah boleh dah la... dah pandai sket, hehehe... but yeah, so lain kan bila celebrate raya without parents, but with extended families? just not the same. but all in all, at least we have families :)

  5. ely : u sntiasa happy babe! u'll make the best of each situation...n in that case, suh kkak u msk! hahaha. but positive vibe around u i suka! hehe

    mila : resipi campak2 ja la babe!

    OMR : ehehe ok i ngaku diri sndiri hebat la. hiks

    kayla : yerp! and this is when u start to appreciate having parents. kalau tak..melawan cakap ja keja. hehe

  6. awesohmee! saya lagi best satu menda pon tak masak masa raya aji arituh heee! :P

  7. beb, i mmg selalu hepi tp selalu overst cam kepoh sgt2 hahahha

  8. my first attempting sup tulang with those yummey fried potatoes!! Those potatoes gives it the extra uummppphhhh!!! ... heheh ... can la make a yearly thing nanti =)



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