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And here comes the story...

What do I write about raya? 

The fact that my 3 ekor chicken rendang hangit di malam raya

Or the fact that the little guy was so obsessed with his baju melayu, sampin and songkok that he refused to take them off even while he took a nap that evening?

Or that I ate ketupat, rendang daging mak buat, and all the food on the table sampai badan baik berkilo-kilo huwaaaaaaaaaa sedih!!!!Visiting relatives, anak kutip duit mak bapak keluar duit. Same old same old. Everyone's had the same kind of raya like everyone else, so apa lagi nak cerita? Maybe can share pictures a bit, but then again, ada ka orang hingin nak tengok? Hehehe.

Whatever! These are just a bit of my raya pics. Didn't even felt like camwhoring so much during raya. Too tired I guess.

Anak-anak zaman sekarang. Masing2 pegang handphone sorang satu!

But oh, on the 4th day of raya we attended a beautiful garden wedding of my 2nd cousin at the Lone Pine Hotel, Feringghi. Serious cun!! Everything was so well planned. The settings, the bride and groom, good food and good company. Everything was picture perfect. Sayang didn't get to take clear pictures of the gorgeous bride coz I was busy at the buffet table and also busy chasing the little guy! Her flowy white dress and her makeup was just so purrrrfect! Can't wait for her to upload the pics in FB. Maybe I'll share with u guys later, but till then, enjoy these not-so-perfect piccas from my BB. 

So. How hectic was your raya?


  1. manade u gemok! u cun pakai tudung hijau tuh. untung amin.

  2. cantiknya awak pakai tudung hari raya tu... kalau i pakai mcm tu sure confirm herot petot jadinya :D

  3. i tgk org pki shawl satin tu cantik jek..napa i pki tak lawa :O hahahah kena terima hakikat kan heheheh

  4. u look lovely dear.. love the way u wear ur scarf.. :-)

  5. hopefully not to late to wish u salam aidil fitri :)



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