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Spell my name!

Everyone is busy reminiscing raya celebration now. Mine, nanti-nanti lah..malas wanna update for now. Tunggu mood mariii! Hehe!

Anyway, lately the little had been too preoccupied with computer games, PS and the phone games. That's all he ever wanna do now and he even refused when I wanted to read books for him. I get so frustrated that now I/ve finally decide to set time limit to curb his addiction. Even if that means I myself have to set time limit for my internet addiction too. Hehehe!

Alhamdulillah, when he's not playing too much games, he can focus on other things. Like practicing on his spelling and writing skills! Walaupun tulis berterabur, but still I'm proud of you babyyy!

Seronok ckp I can write my name! hehe

He can spell Abah..walau berterabur dia tulis haha!

And mama too!

Well done sayang! See, the world does not revolve around games kan! You can do a lot of other beneficial things when your not playing games. :-)


  1. pandainyeeee irfann.. tulisan pon santekk!! suka suka.. sami kan tiap ari mintak Ipad. tensen tul!

  2. pandaaaaiiii irfan. buleh mintak hadiah spidey kat mama.hehe

    adam lak..kdg2 spell mama tu as AMAM.
    mklm la...sebab nama dia, ayah & adib semua pun start dgn huruf A.

  3. OMG!!! I just went through this yesterday ... just started with A! ... hehehhe ... the more he wrote the more it looks like H ... Nanti boleh Irfan tolong Arees eh ... BTW his handwriting cantik ... especially the one he wrote his name ... like budak besaq da =)



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