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And I was reminded of that time when...

While I was making a cup of Alicafe for the big guy last night, I was reminded of the good ol' times in my uni years.

Back then, as we were forever on a date line, we worked days and nights ok tipu, it was more like siang tido malam berjaga to complete our design projects. So most of us will try whatever means  possible to keep us awake at night. Believe it or not, saya pernah dua hari tak tidoq sebab nak siapkan design and yet I still didn't get good grade for it! Sheesh!

Anyway, whenever we run out of stock, we would frantically start scouting at the nearest co-op or convenience store for any, and I mean ANY,  caffeinated drinks that could help us stay wide awake! At that time, I didn't care whether it was Kacip Fatimah or Tongkat Ali, memang main langgah ja as long as my eyes could stay wide open! 

Once when my guy friend at the studio saw me drinking a mug of piping hot Tongkat Ali, he remarked "Padan la hang ada misai, dok minum tongkat ali rupanya!". Lol! From then on, every time he saw me walking by he'd call me by that nickname, MISAI! Hahaha, siot ja!

Oh well, I do miss my uni years and those friends I had around me back then. What about you guys?


  1. ihikss...
    zaman U mmg zaman best betul berjaga malam2 tgh pagi kan...
    siang Zzzzzzzz

  2. jeng jeng i know...ehehehhe so those yg auu au slalu minum kacip fatimah izzit??hahahah

  3. sz : haah kan! pastu dpt warning letter sbb ponteng kelas pagi. lol!

    cu734ngel : perhaps! ahahahhaha

  4. Hahaha bab misai tu lawak gila... Ada ke?

  5. i bukan kopi person. patu i nih ntah ape2 xpenah plak study smpai pagi. pg merendah mlm smpai pagi selalu lah hahaha.. i bese max study smpai kul 2-3 pagi jek.. teruk tul nmpak sgt pemalas! hehe

  6. haah rindu tapi mcm boleh kira tak sampai sebelah tangan yg rindu balik kat kita ..sob sob...:(

  7. hahahha...i xminum kopi, so nak stay awake ..kene makan...makan...makan..dan makan...hahhaah, gile ke pe makan nasi goreng kul 3 pg..hehehhe.

    huhu..i miss my studio life :)

  8. mamaeesya : misai sulung...nanti kalau kita jumpa sila telek atas bibir saya ada ka tak? lol!

    ely : haha i pun bkn study..buat design project. kalau study/baca buku tgh2 malam confirm kejap ja lelap. hehe

    mommyct : haha true. missing the old life la

    working mom : u architecture student? uni mana dulu?



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