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Bole tak tolong ikut peraturan skit!?!

If there's one thing my big guy is famous for, it is for parking illegally. Yes! He loved parking at roadsides rather than going into the proper parking provided at malls and such. 

I remember once, while we were still dating, we borrowed my dad's car to go on a date. My dad was in Mecca performing umrah at that time, so of course he didn't know kalau tak confirm lah tak bagi pi dating kan! But my mom knew and she just told me to be careful with the car.

We went to a mall in Penang, and despite my protests, the big guy niiiiiii punyaaaaaaaaaa la takmau parking  in the building. He went and parked illegally at this one area for loading if I'm not mistaken. So lepas dah puas bersuka-ria at he mall, I was so aghast to find parking ticket stuck on the windshield! Mampoih la nak menjawab ngn bapak aku!!! I was so pissed off with him then I think I sulked for a week kot after that.

Fast forward.

Now in Penang, the council has taken a more drastic action for those who park illegally. They CLAMP those cars and if you didn't call the council people within a certain amount of time after the clamping, the fine will get higher and higher. So, saya adalah merasa legaaaaaaaaaaaa sebab lepaih ni laki aku takleh dah park merata-rata. Follow the rules ya oppa, or else our car will end up like this police car. Muahahaha!


  1. Baguih la...our main problem here in Malaysia is there are law been made but no enforcement been done ! as for me..kalu cik hubby nak parking merata2 i akan make noise sampai dia kata.."ye lah..susah kawin ngan org gomen nih..." ekekekeke

  2. Siapa yang rantai sapa ni...tapi sesekali kena apa salahnya kan...kan :)

    grrrrrrrr !!!

  3. walaoweh.. keta polis kena clamp! huhu..

  4. tak kira sape pun, kena ikut undang2..bagus betul. ^_^



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