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Budak yang pandai berdrama

Yesterday evening, we went to Little India to fetch my MIL and her sister. Once there, MIL ajak jalan-jalan a bit so we parked the car and walked along the busy road. Like seriously, there were cars and motorbikes passing through every seconds and I don't think it is a good idea to bring babies and kids there. Hazardous!

I've been there before but I don't remember getting so groggy walking around the lanes with the strong aroma of incense and the loud boom bang of Tamil songs  that can be heard from miles away. Earlier, hubby told MIL that we're looking for pots and pans so she suggested to look at this one grocers along that road. 

Once we reached the front entrance of the shop, I  had to think quadruple of times before I stepped in because for some reason, the shop owner was burning a huge amount of sandalwood. so the shop was filled with smoke from the floor until the rooftop.  For a moment there, I suddenly felt like being transported into Diagon Alley! (Harry Potter fans should know this) It wouldn't have surprised me if I see all sorts of magical instruments being displayed on the shelves. Haha! Overrr kan imagination!

But amongst all, the most priceless reaction was that of the little guy's. I can't even begin to describe what his reaction was upon being forced to enter the shop with me. He was pinching his nose the whole time and made motion as if to pengsan! The same thing happened when we entered the kedai rempah-ratus as MIL needed to replenish her stock. He was just sighing exaggeratedly and rolling and rolling his eyes till you could see only the white part of it. Abeh orang keliling dia dok ushar semacam ja! Regardless, when it was snapping time, sempat lagi dia posing cute! Cehhh!

Anyway. Out of understanding (coz I was just like him as a kid), I brought him out of the shop for a breath of fresh air.

The moment we stepped out, he sighed exaggeratedly and said out loud "Ohhhhhh! mama!!! I feel BETTER nowwwwww!!!". Hahahahahaha!


  1. like mother like son i suppose ... =)

  2. ahahhahaha siap ckp tu feel better.. kire akhirnye ade org paham dgn gesture dia hahahhaa...

    kalu anak buah i dh lama muntah kt situ gak.. anak buah i sume lagik teruk.. kalu dia pi umah org cam messy kan, mau dia jengket kaki.. mmg annoying tau. buat malu ajek. hahahah

  3. hehehehe cute...
    kids are transparent...
    tak leh kaver2 dah :D

  4. papakeechee : haha i guess so! :-p

    ely : hahahaha..ada my cousins yang masa kecik2 dulu if dtg umah my mom kat kitchen mesti jengket2, sebab sometimes msk berminyak semua kan. lol!

    rasp : sangat! they just say whatever on their mind kan.

  5. hahaha...sgt comey!hahahaha..seb bek geng2 rajnikhant kat situ tak berapa paham..kalau dka mesti depa kecik ati!hahahaha...



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