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Bila cikgu dah naik darah...

I can't be a teacher. That's for sure.

Because I get upset easily if the kid(s) I teach don't get it right the first time. The second time they get it wrong, I'll start screaming and only God knows what would happen if they still don't get it right the THIRD time! Muahahaahahaha! *gelak syaiiiiitan*


I've been planning to teach the little guy simple maths; like plus, minus and so on.  So last weekend we went to get him an abacus at our local toy store as I think the one at Toys R Us are ridiculously priced! 

Reminds me of childhood memories!
Maka hari ini bermula lah sesi pembelajaran Matematik. All these while, I thought he already recognized the number from 1-100. But today when I made him repeat the number, TWENTY became TWOTY, THIRTY became THREETY, and FIFTY became FIVETY  But worst of all, he pronounced TEN as ONETY. Padahal I'm 100% sure he knows it's pronounced as ten and NOT 'one-ty'. Belajar sambil tengok Cartoon langsung tak concentrate camtu lah jadinyaSaja la kan wanna make his momma's blood go upstairs. So I repeated again and again the numbers for him to memorize. But after a while he was still repeating the same mistakes, maka bergegarlah satu block condominium dengan gemaan suara bak halilintar membelah bumi. But surprisingly, after that screaming episode, terus pandai sebut.   ^ _ ^

So to those who were forever suggesting for me to apply a teaching job, let this be a prove. Told ya! I can't be a teacher!


  1. hahahaha can what being a teacher. Bila dgr suara halilintar je, student cepat faham. hehehe

  2. hahahha, tp biasanya dgn anak sendiri or aidks endiri je kita garang bila ngajar. kalau ajar anak org , sabar je kot. coz that's how I am with my siblings and SN. tapi kalau ajar anak2 org lain, I'm cool je.

  3. maybe not to ur son..utk oeg ln ok kot jd teacher.. :) Teacher garang..cepat je masuk dlm kepala..hahaha..
    Btw..i dah lupa cara nak guna abacus tu..kena brush up ni..nnt sng nak ajar my doter jugak.. :)



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