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What are you doing in those pictures?

Below are amongst the little guy's fave pics of us. The moment he started talking when he was a year plus, he'd always been pointing to these pics and identify us in them, his 'Abah!' and 'Mama!'.

But only yesterday did it crossed his mind to ask me what were his mom and dad doing in those pictures.  So I gladly explained to him about it.

Lil guy : Mama, what were you and abah doing in that pictures?

Momma : Oh. We were receiving our scroll. We GRADUATED from university bla bla  bla

Lil guy : Oooooo (macam paham). Irfan still small kan. Cannot graduate. When I'm big later I can graduate too. Kan mama kannnn???

Momma : Ameen! InsyaAllah.

Hopefully these pictures can motivate him to strive and achieve more than what his parents has achieved, in life. Ameen!


  1. i still tak sempat nak frame gambar masa graduate bole tak?hehehe

  2. syida : laaaa yaka? hehe kitorang pun nasib sebab yang ni time ambik kat kedai dia dah frame siap2. haha.

  3. graduation photo hilangggggg..huawaaaaaa !



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