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Ramadhan tiba, dia pun buat hal lagi!

Every Ramadhan mesti ada drama mistik from the little guy. Last year, it happened during the middle of Ramadhan. Tahun ni awai-awai bulan dia dah buat hal! 

We broke fast at PIL's place today, and after that dropped by my parent's house. Saja lah jenguk muka. Around 10 ++pm, we headed back home but before that the big guy needed to take something he left at his parent's house. So drop by sekali lagik lah. When we arrived at PIL's house, the big guy went inside while the little guy and I waited in the car. Lying down on my lap, the little guy suddenly asked me where we were. I told him we were at daddy ma's house, he replied that he wanted to go to maktok's house. Memang masa nak balik tadi, he didn't want to go back. So I told him nanti lah kita pi. Then out of the blue he looked at the back of the car and said "Tu maktok kat belakang, keciiik saja!". I didn't dare turn around for fear of discovering what he described as my mak in tiny shape!!

Sudahhhhh! Meremang la bulu tengkuk mak dia time-time tu jugak. Awat la hang suka buat expose mistik macam ni?!?! Tak tau ka mak hang pengecut?!?

Happy Ramadhan everyone!


  1. ahh sudahhh..sapa plak yg terlepas time bulan posa niiii...hahaha

  2. Hahaha dia saje kasi usik mak dia. hehe Salam Ramadan..

  3. haha.. cutenya, but at the same time scary jugak..

    Salam Ramadhan!

  4. Bulan Ramadhan da ... where got mistik mistik stuffs ... heheeh ... I think he sajeeeeeeee wanna give u a heart attack =p

    Happy Ramadhan 2 u too ^_^

  5. boss kecik hi five! hahahhaha lawak la dia suka buat u takut hahhaha

  6. salam ramadhan dear..

    uit, tak try berubat ker?



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