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Hasutan yang memakan diri

Last weekend, as we were going to shop for the nephew's birthday present, I whispered into the little guy's ear. "Satgi, jangan lupa mintak kat abah nak beli Spiderman figurines lagi tau!". The little guy looked at me understandingly and gave his widest smile ever. "Good boyyyy!", I thought to myself.

Once we arrived at the toy department, I started looking for the nephew's pressie while the little guy  wasbusy sorting through the spidey toys. He took one, showed to us and was adamant to have it. The moment his daddy said NO, he looked at me and said "Tapi tadi mama kata boleh beli Spiderman!!!! Nak jugakkk!!!Nakkk jugakkkk!" while running around the store throwing tantrum.

Apa ni?? That is definitely not what I had in mind. You were supposed to use your charm to melt your daddy's heart ok! Ended up, bapak dia gave me a 'deal-with-it' look and stick by his decision not to  give in, so mak dia terpaksa la beli toy tu jugak. 

So yes! I've learn my lesson. Lepas ni takmau hasut anak dahhhhh!


  1. Hahaha.mmg xlleh buat pakatan dgn irfan. Cetttt

  2. muahaha gelak jap baca citer u nih...erkkk actually penah jadi kat i jugak..hahaha gelak kat diri sendiri jugak lah :D

  3. one word...padanmuka..hahahaha adoi...:P

  4. hahahaha tergelak i dibuatnya....
    me pernah gak went thru the same situation...
    terus insaf...

  5. kelakarlah..hadoih..pepagi sakit perut gelak

  6. heheheh ... plan gone haywire ... insaf buat seketika till you find other means ... muahahaha ^_^



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