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Hana Tajima's makeover disaster!

I was just in one of my 'makeover' mood earlier . But this time, I wanted to try out something weird instead. A vampire makeup that I cam across in youtube. Hehehe. So I tried it. First when I looked into the mirror after I was done, rasa macam 'Eeeyyy! Not bad hah, cute whattt?!?'.Hahaha! But after I let my hair down and all, terus nampak cam cik Ponti. Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! 

I told the big guy I wanted to go to my nephew's party this weekend as a vampire. He smiled uncertainly and said that his main concern was that the kids would be scared of me. Hahahaha! Ok ok, so no vampire look over the weekend.

So after dah puas menjadi vampire, I tried styling my shawl as per Hana Tajima's signature look. Tak jadiiiiik koraaang! Takpa takpa, practice makes perfect, right. But first, I need to get me a snood and a satin shawl.

Ehem, ehem. Abaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnngggg!! *batting my vampire lashes*. Hehehe!


  1. from a vampire to hana tajima...hehehe

  2. vampire + hana tajima = vamjima..hahahhaha

  3. good try on the hana tajima style.. :)) i pun pernah try tapi since tak menjadi, i lilit ikut suka je..haha

    p.s: google pasal mekap vampire pasni..sounds interesting lol

  4. i pernah pakai gaya ala ala ala hana tajima sekali je. pastu terus back to my signature style. :p

  5. LIP : haha sangat contra kan :-p

    working mom : hahaha! funny!

    nonny : haaa google cepat elpas tu try k. hehe

    GB : haaaa what suits us best is our signature style la kaaaan



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