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Nak jadi apa hah??!?!?!?

Mama : Esok besaq Irfan nak jadi apa? 
Anak : I want to be a PIRATE! 
Mama : Haaaa!!!! JANGAN LAH! Pirate tu jahaaaat tau tak?!? tapi kalau handsome macam Johnny Depp takpa la gak

Anak : Oooo jahat ka? Spiderman baik tak?
Mama : Errrr, baik la.
Anak : Ok lah. I want to be Spiderman bila besaq nanti!

Imej adalah dari sini. So cuteeee kan! Haha!
Seriously son, your momma was thinking along the lines of doctors, engineers, astronauts. But well, better Spiderman than pirate!!!


  1. An engineer by day and Spiderman when fighting crime!! ok pa!! hehehe ...

    when I ask Arees this he said "Nak jadik speselist (specialist)" when I ask specialist apa he says "DOCTOR la!!!" ... wakakakka ..

    May they grow up rich and buying expensive stuffs for their moms .... AMEEENNNN!!!! ^_^

  2. There is a lot of ambitions when they grow up. Maybe in teen he wanna be a doctor.. pray hard sis. *wink*

  3. Alaaaa Irfan haha.. takpa, jadik pirate curik ati anak dara org, takpa =p

    kak Rina: Amiiiiinnnnnnnnnn.. and also can buy stuff for their mums single friends.. kan.. kaaannn



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