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Meet The (Mama) Flintstone

This morning I came into the computer room and turned on the desktop. It took me a second to realize that the mouse is NOT connected to the CPU. In fact, it had no wires or anything connected to it at all. So I started going nuts coz I just can't live a day without playing Solitaire nowadays (my new found love!). 

When the big guy came back for lunch, I started nagging him for changing the mouse to a 'rosak' one and all. He gave me a blank stare. Then slowly and deliberately, he broke the news to me " Thaaat iiiis whaaaat weeee caaaall a wirelessss mouuuuuuuuuuuuuse!".

Okayyyyyyy! I admit, I've been living in a cave all these while! Hahahaha!


  1. hahahaha. u r really funny la bai.
    keh keh keh..
    i mesti citer ni kat my hubby :)

  2. hahahaha... sabaq ja laaa jadi encik amin...

  3. hahahah ... well now u know la kan!!! .... =P

  4. ya allah hahahha kalau i.. i marah balik amin ckp 'sapa suh u beli wirelessssss' hahahahhaha nk cover punye pasalll



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