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Last week, we had a family gathering at my brother's house. Here in Penang. Sempena menyambut kedatangan one of my cousin to Penang.

At one point during the night, one of my nephew broke a glass and then the men were busy cleaning up (while their wives continued feasting on the food haha!). While he was about to vacuum the floor, the big guy told the little guy to sit quietly on the sofa and stop running around. So he sat down. And then he said out loud so that people nearby could hear him : 

"OK, I'M SIT DOWN-NING!". Spoken with such fake accent!

Hahahaha! Perlukahhhhhhh buat lawak macam tu????


  1. hahaha arees also got accent ... you would be so convinced that u are talking to a Chinese boy .... mana dia belajaq tak tau la ... huhuhu

  2. hulamak hebatnye irfan hahahhaha

    sami selalu cuba nk spiking tapi tak menjadik.. 'mami.. that mebius try to this that err err ha mati dahhh ' hahahha.. paling tak tahan kalu dia kira.. one.. TIUUU.. mcm duk amerika haha



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