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You decepticon punk!

Amidst the Transformers fever that has been plaguing everyone in town,  we didn't managed to watch the show the moment it was out. It's definitely a must-watch show for me as I'd been going crazy over the autobots ever since the first movie, but I don't know why this time masa awai2 tu kurang beria sangat.

But last weekend as we went to scout for my nephew's pressie, I saw lots and lotsa super cool Transformers toys everywhere! The big guy and I got hooked up at the Transformers section of the toys for hours, trying out all the cool stunts the autobots (toys) could perform. It was then that I knew, it was only a matter of time before we'd set foot in the cinema.

Thus this week, saya adalah sungguh beria asking my brother and SIL to join us watch it, and had a hard time trying to book the tickets online. Alhamdulillah, after all the trouble and panic attack we had to endure, we barely managed to get the seats in Premier Class. Itu saja yang tak penuh. Nasib lah, janji dapat tengok!

I have to say, IT WAS WORTH GOING THROUGH ALL THE TROUBLE because the show was just freaking awesome! Well, for me it was. I just love how the humanity worked hand-in-hand with the autobots to save the planet. The autboots were all so cute and funnier this time, they really had my eyes glued to the  huge screen!

The movie was made even more interesting when  McDreamy (Grey's anatomy fans should know what I'm talking about) appeared out of nowhere. Regardless the fact that he sided with the dark side, he still has that charming smile that I'm crazy about!  

Yerp. That's the crooked smile I love so much!

Oh, and don't even let me start with the cutest autobot ever, Bee! And of course, the handsome-st truck I'd fallen in love with again and again! Seasonal love-struck, I guess. Hehe. Oh gosh, I just can't get over the fact that Optimus Prime is one handsome, macho, cool Autobots. He's just sooooooooo very...'knight in shining armor' material. Haha! Every time he spoke, it was with such authoritative manner that even as a robot, it made him so hot! And how he beat up the decepticons, especially Megatron, and then Sentinel, - the brother who betrayed him - was just macho-ness to the extreme ok!

So I'm just gonna have to say this, Optimus, I'm going nuts over youuuuuuuuu! Hehehe.

The only setback is that Megan Fox got replaced, the movie would've been wayyyyy sexier if only she was in it. But well, as long as Optimus is still there, I got nothing much to complain about now, do I? Hehehe.

So!!! Lepaih ni kena start collecting Transformers toys for the momma little guy pulak!



  1. harus booking ticket wayang malam ni gak!

  2. beralihlah kpd transformers. lps ni penuh koleksi spidey dgn transformers

  3. i pong rasa lein xdek megan fox then sumpah sedih time ironhide & megatron mati (or mati tipu xtau).. sami siap syiakk syiakkk siap tgn action lawan2 smpai ketawa la org sebelah tgk dia.. patu bila last tu dia pi ckp kuat2 'ala.. dua2 mati...' merujuk kepada megatron dgn prime sorg lagik tu lupa plak nama dia.. i penah dgr yg sore prime tuh guna the real voice prime katun.. ahh everytime dia kuaq mmg i fuiyoooo i love u hahaha.. kt umah bila tgk dvd transformers sure kitorg amazed dgn prime hahhaha



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