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The goodbye episode : miscarriage

Alhamdulillah.  God has been very merciful towards us. He made things easy, and bestowed us with peace of mind to go through whatever hurdles that came unto us.

To recap.

Early May. We went to our local gynae for a checkup and I was found to be 5 weeks pregnant with our second baby. Alhamdulillah, just as we decided that we were ready for another one, Allah bestowed the rezeki upon us. We were very happy with it. Plans were made with such joy. I went through the usual morning sickness and such, but this time it wasn't so bad. Maybe because I've been through it before, so this time it didn't felt as bad as the first time. Or so I thought.


Then came the 8th weeks of the pregnancy. We were scheduled for another visit to the gynae for an ultrasound scan. By this time, we should've been able to see the fetus  heartbeat. We both couldn't wait for the moment when the little guy would be able to see his adik's development on the screen. But then Allah has better plan for us, and as his servant, we could only accept it with open heart.

I was then diagnosed to have a blighted ovum pregnancy by the end of the 8th week. In laymen term, pregnancy tak menjadi lah. The pregnancy only contained the gestational sac with some accumulated tissues, but the baby either couldn't develop due to some complications, or it developed but after a while it simply disintegrated. It's a type of miscarriage and eventually I found out that the same thing has happened to a few of my friends and cousin before. We were advised to have it removed asap and after getting a second opinion, we decided to go with the D & C procedure the following week.

We were at first saddened by the news. After 2 months of being pregnant, I was bound to feel sad by the lost. And as the big guy had been taking such good care of me and the 'baby' for the past 2 months, I could see that he was even more distraught than me during the first couple of days  after receiving the shocking news.

But after a while, Allah just opened up our heart to see the hikmah in all that has happened. We started to accept the fate with an open heart. I was even pleased when I came across this hadis :

The Prophet s.a.w. said, "By the One in Whose hand is my soul, truly the miscarried child will certainly drag its mother with its umbilical cord to Paradise, provided one expects recompense [for SABR]".                                                                                                        (Ibn Majah and Ahmad)

Alhamdulillah, knowing this, it really comforted me like nothing else could. Just happy to know that dah ada saham kat 'sana'. And I can't help thinking that I'm just plain lucky to be chosen to go through this ordeal to have the reward after!

After all that happened, we could only thank Allah for giving us this opportunity and experience, and giving us the strength to go through it with patience. As the big guy said : What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.



  1. this is such a sad news... :'(

    hang in there beb.. there's always a blessing in disguise.. n u already knw it :)

    ur hubby is right, what doesnt kill you only makes u stronger.

    take care!

  2. glad to know you are all ok .... we just plan things but HE decides what's best for us .... so hang in there .... InsyaALLAH we'll be pregger buddies ei? ... hehehe ... good to have you back ^_^

  3. allahuakbar...

    salam takziah ye DM ...

  4. semua nya ada hikmah tersembunyi.. hope u and ur hubby tabah. Insya Allah nanti ada rezeki lagi

  5. Allah plan is always the best plan. sedih jugak saya dengar, tapi pasti ada hikmahnya kan kak?

  6. iekaz : thanks for ur kind words dear!

    papakeechee : yeah hope we'll be pregger buddies soon! then kita beranak kat lam wah ee ok! hehehehe

    sz : thanks dear

    yatie : yerp semestinya ada hikmah :-)

    GB : sedih sedih jugak but life must go on kan. Kak just fikir Allah nak bagi yang lebih baik nanti :-)

  7. bersabarlah dengan dugaan ini :).. mudah2an rezeki terbuka luas di lain masa.. dont be so sad ok..

  8. atulhani : insyaAllah, doa2 kan yang terbaik ok :-)

    eis : thanks eis!

  9. termasuk u bai, hari ni je dah 3 kali i dapat tahu my friend miscarriaged (u i consider as my fren jugak)..i doakan jugak u ada rezeki lagi.

  10. Oh dear! Im so sory to hear that. Be strong ya... Hugs xoxo

  11. sabar yea. Insya Allah ada rezeki lagi pas ni..

  12. xpa k.yah...nti kita race nak tgk sapa dpt dulu. i'm sure u'll win the race la kan..i kn junior lagi.ngeee

  13. farah : yaka? ramai plak eh miscarriage. same doa to u, ameen!

    fizamior : thanks babe! :-)

    joy : ameen! :-)

    Ana : amboi..adik ipaq ajak race, ni tak ble jadi ni. wait for me! hahaha

  14. Sorry to hear this news... Be strong ok... Encik Amin cakap tu sangat2 betul.. Dan betul gak sejak akhir2 ni ramai org sekeliling yg miscarriage...

  15. Hi Baizura,lama tak drop by sini..takziah ye, however, jgn bersedih,pasti ada rezeki lagi pasni,take care

  16. bertabah!! byk hikmah yg mgkin belum nmpk dari kejadian ini...

    still young tak pe :)

  17. *hugs*
    sedeh pulak baca post ni..
    take care ok..

  18. :( salam takziah to u and ur family.. insyaAllah sy doakan cepat2 dapat rezeki lagi..Amin~

  19. Bai, salam takziah to u & ur family =(
    I know u r strong & u can definitely handle this.
    Alhamdulillah, Allah has chosen u..& onle He knows the best!
    Moga rezeki berlipat kali ganda pas ni no...

  20. syukur u selamat, i pon selalu sakat kakak ipar i ckp nnti kt akhirat anak dia duk atas pokok rayu2 kat Allah mintak mak dia masuk syurga patu Allah kasik masuk.. beshnye! haha.. pas nih i doakan u pegnen lagik.. insyaAllah

    next week i nk g melawat u.. if jadik i sms (sebok aje kan?? haha)

    p/s - jgn lupe pasai holiday tu :P



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