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Goeey stuff!

While twittering, I came across this quote that reminds me so much of the big guy!
'A little boy and girl were crying. The girl said, "My doll is broken." The boy said, "I'm crying because my doll is crying." '

Yeah, just like him. Whenever I cried, he'd come holding me, telling me not to cry lest he'd start crying too. Gooey, I know. But ain't my man the sweetest. Hehehe! Just don't go being gooey with anyone else but me yah!


  1. ya ALLAH...sangat comeyl nyeee...eheheheheh :) i baca entry ni kat hubby i..even dia pon snyum..:) ehehe lucky u..

    p/s:welcome back (i hope)..:D

  2. awwwwww.... adakah "doll" telah menjadi nama timangan baru? :)

  3. alala both of u sangat2 sweet ok.. tersentuhnya part ni:

    I'm crying because my doll is crying.. :)

    eh lawa la your new blog header, i always love yr header dari yang sebelum ni pun.. uniquely design..

  4. sis..
    im gonna organizing a small function at my place..i nak jemput u..hmm can u add me kt FB?

    thanks..i nak hantar invitation
    dah lama i tak berblog!!

  5. cik Bam Apeng ( Fadd Adawiah)..cari tu kt FB k



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