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Goodbye ain't easy

Nope. I'm definitely not saying goodbye to this blog. At least NOT YET.

I'm just preparing myself to say goodbye to something so beautiful that has been bestowed upon us for the past couple of months. Most probably it's gonna be leaving us very-very soon. And as tough as we try to be, we can't help but grieve over the loss. But insyaAllah, whatever happens, kami redha dengan ketentuan mu ya Allah.

“Tidak ada sesuatu musibah yang menimpa (seseorang), kecuali dengan izin Allah; dan barang siapa beriman kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan memberi petunjuk kepada hatinya. Dan Allah Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu”. – (At-Tagabun : 11)

You might not be seeing me here next week, perhaps for a couple of weeks or so. And hopefully by then I'd be able to come back strong and will have the heart to talk about it.

Till then, please pray for us ok.


  1. thoughts and prayers goes to you n your loved ones...

  2. whatever it is, may Allah give u the strength



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