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Seoul Garden!

I've been bugging the big guy to bring me eat Korean food for a while now.

Oh yeah. Watching Korean dramas makes me wanna eat Korean food! I was forever hungry every time I watch Korean dramas because all their food looks too scrumptious to resist. So last weekend, we finally decided to attack the 'Seoul Garden' located in Juru Autocity. It's a buffet thingy and the good thing is, kids get to dine for free on Sunday!

Even though the big guy is not a big fan of steamboat and stuff, but he was willing to give it a try. To support his wife's CURRENT passion in everything Korean, I guess. :-) Oppa, kamsahamida! I would repay you in kindness after this, I promised! Saranghaeyo. Hehehehe. Over the top plak!


The buffet charge is RM29.90 per adult. We added RM4 for the soup and another RM4 for a cup of free-flowing beverages. The buffet choices, I have to say, isn't that much. But whatever they have, it was pretty awesome! The little guy took a look at the ramen (noodle), his eyes went wide and he practically screamed "Nak makan maggi!". Hahaha! He ate two plateful of ramen sampai air hidung meleleh. He did not even let me wiped his nose before his plate was empty. And then he topped them with two bowls of ice creams and finished off by 'baking a cake' in his diaper! Hahahaha!

As for us, we ate lots and lots of grilled meat. Beef, lamb, chicken. They're simply delicious! Oh well. Perhaps because I'm just too happy that I got to experience the eating style of the Koreans in the dramas, that everything which ended up in my mouth tasted like heaven! Errrrr...except for the black little thingy I supposed was seaweed of something? I swear I would never eat them again as they felt like a mixture sand and mosses!

As for the steamboat, we picked Thai Tom Yam as our choice of soup. I didn't dare try other type as of yet, but the next time we go I'm definitely going for the Kimchi one. Nak adventurous skittttt please! Hehehe!

Oh my! Just looking at those piccas are making my stomach growling! Oppa, I wanna eat there again, pretty please?!?


  1. ahaaaa...syukeeeee!
    kami kan p seoul garden tu guna "student card" ...yeahaaaa dapat diskaun!
    kami kan "student"... sebenarnya postgrad student ;p

  2. ammar pun suke makan kat seoul garden.hehe..besides of harga murah,friendly staff..mknn pun variety & sedap.OMG,u make me starving again.hehe

  3. Best nye tengok makanan...Dan dan Lapaq!!

  4. never tried before,maybe sebab i didnt watch korean dramas kot.or i yang dah ketinggalan?

  5. hamboi2..sedapnya.
    kalo x sedap pun, jadi sedap...sbb tgh layan mode korea kan?kan?

  6. wow...nampak syedapppppppp sgt...leh try kat kl katner ek seoul garden ni??

  7. sz : wahhhh! pinjam student card boleh? hehehehhe

    inche : amboi ammar pun suka ek..ble geng ngn irfan hiks

    mama sohayl : me lapaq too! haha

    syida : it's worth a tr..pi la pi.

    isabelle : itu la pasal! hahahahaha

    working mom. hmmm try tanya orang paling atas tu..dia pon dok pi makan gak! hehehehe

  8. i soooooo understand ur craving..eheheheh u shud watch 'jewel in the palace'..its based on a korean lady the first women surgeon or something...very2 best and the hero pon hensem...eheheheh ;P



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