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Dining experience : Jemputree

Since the little guy and I couldn't make it to the wedding last Saturday with the in-laws, I managed to tricked the big guy to 'do a kenduri' for us that night! Hahaha! So we had a feast at this place that I've always wanted to try out, the ever famous Jemputree restaurant. (Refer here for location.)

It's a Malay-owned restaurant that served variety of foods from Malay, Western, Italians etc. Tapi Korean food takdak ok! Hehehe. This place might look plain during the daytime, but come nighttime with all the overhanging lights, the ambient is real romantic and calm. Perfect for any occasions that you have in mind, on smaller scale that is.

They had variety types of drinks that I was actually having a hard time choosing what I wanted. But finally I settle with this slender glass of the red Mermaid. Simply faboulous! Tak cukup nak lagiiii!

As for food, we had a bowl of Bihun Tom Yam, a platter of Black pepper steak, Spaghetti Marinara and Meatball Bolognese, a plate of pizza (I forgot the name) and Jemputree Nasi Goreng.

The food were delectable. The service was pretty good too, where the waiters kept updating us on the progress of our orders. But then again, I think it took quite a gap of time from when the first dish arrived to the last. 

Also, being a mother, I was a tad disappointed that when I told one of the waiter to please prepare the little guy's order (Spaghetti) first before ours, he kind of shrugged it off, but in a nice way though.So we had to endure the little guy's whining about wanting to eat spaghetti right there and then for more than half an hour, and worse, his order arrived last of them all. I just wish they would be more child-friendly.

But other that, I would still give this place a thumb's up. Fabulous food and beverages, they just need to improve on the time they took to serve our orders.

So apa lagi, pi serbu Jemputree piiii!


  1. the food looks yummylicious...
    kesian ur lil guy...
    terpaksa tengok food lain sampai dulu...

  2. KB : ermmm...tak sure la. takdak kot? hehehe

  3. uuuuuuuuuuuu .... niceeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! will try it soon ... erkkk it's along Burma Road dekat dgn new world park eh???

    will check my GPS (Fatboy) la ...

  4. nampak sedap2 la makanan depa....~



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