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My new shoes!

He first  saw his cousin Danish wearing it sometime last year. We'd been going to the store and contemplating to buy it for him ever since then, but the right moment just didn't come for us to acquire it. Everytime, they'd be something to stopped us from buying the pair of crocs for him.

But since I couldn't get my mind off it, I thought it'd be a great birthday present for the little guy. It was totally worth the delay, because the price has been reduced a lot since the last time we saw it! So I declared this a pre-birthday gift against the big guy's approval. Hahahaha!

See how happy he was (and still is) with it. He kept calling them "My New Shoes!!" and wanted to wear it everywhere he went. Heeeeeeeeee!

1 comment:

  1. mama ni nak ngelat ni. asal beli anything je, cpt2 nak declare bday gift. hahaha..bijak bijakkkk



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