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Impulse Buy!

Having a painfully an extremely realistic husband when it comes to finance, I rarely got to indulge myself in impulsive shopping. Not even when doing groceries. We always and I mean ALWAYS stick  to the list when out shopping. But yesterday, we somehow did, and did it big time!

We went out for a drive, and saw a huge clearance sale sign at one furniture shop in town. The big guy asked if I wanted to have a look, and of course I did. We went inside with no intention of buying anything, but came out of the shop as the new owners of a BED!

That's by far one of the biggest impulse buy we had so far. And we both just had to keep pinching each others ' cheeks to make sure that we weren't dreaming! Hahaha!


  1. hah! stick to the list??? amin, pls advise papi tu sket! dia xpenah stick to the list, his nagging wife nih la yg asik kena ingatkan! so next time we all dtg sana bleh la tompang tido.. dh ade katil baru la katakan hahaha

  2. wowww...
    syiookkklaaa tido katil baru!

  3. i hardly stick to the list, sbb kalo dah gatal nak beli tu..xde duit pun, boleh cari gak.haha.teruk betul.
    hmm..bestnya kalo dpt katil baru. leh dpt baby baru.ooops

  4. it's okay..sleep tight in ur bew bed ;)

  5. how ironic?! .. we just dismantled ours cause arees keep falling off the bed ... and also he pernah kick his dad off the bed also ... wakakakakka ....

    nanti show pics yer! ^_^

  6. ely : hahahahhaa! u r soooo like amin!i plak macam papi. kehkeh

    syida : kannn! haha!

    sz :syiookkkk la kot!tak sampai lagi so taktau lah. hehe

    isabelle : baby baru, in new bed. that's the idea! hahahahahhaha! :-p

    joy : yeah can't wait!

    papakeechee : laa yaka? haha..well, ur nephew will have to stick to sleeping in his mattress down there till we get him the kiddie bed. hehehehe



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